Cruise Night's TOP 10 Photos of the Year for 2015..............It was an Awesome Show/Cruise Season !!! The Calendar was Bigger Than Ever and There were More Shows and Cruises Than you could Count. With that said, The Management and Staff would Like to Take this Time to Thank ALL of the Hot Rodders and Cruisers for a Season of Full of Fun and Dedication to the Hobby. As it has been Said many times.....Without You...None of this is Possible. A Special Thank You to the Staff Photographers who make sure You can See what is Going On around the Area when I cannot be there,,,,,,THANK YOU !!! David and Debbie Catchings, Lowell Maybrier, and Our Very Own "On the Spot Passports" Kevin and Sally Smith in South Carolina. Also , Let me Say Thank You to Anyone who has Sent in Photos, Sent over Emails with Fliers or Corrections to the Schedule, or has Assisted in Anyway to Make this the Best Cruising Website it Can be . Thank You. ..............Lastly... A Thank You to The Parkette Drive-In.....The Staff..The Hops...and the Cooks.......Cruse Night at the Parkette was an Overwhelming Success, We Matched Last Years Turn Outs EVERY 4th Friday...Save the Rain-Out in June, and We Are Already ON for Next Year...Same Poor Boy Time......Same Poor Boy Channel....4th Friday May through October at 5PM !!! ...............This Year We Must Pause to Remember those Cruisers Who will Not be With Us Next Year. Several Car Clubs Have Lost Members as Well as Friends of the Shows and Family Members. It is with Heavy Hearts that we Mourn their Passing, but We Will Always Remember Them for the All the Good Times we Shared. Please take time to Cherish those Around You throughout the Year...........The Year would not be Complete without these Top Photos and the Staff had to Review Over 34,000 Pictures this Year. That is about 3,000 more than last Year. With Many Hours Invested in Deliberation , They have Decided on These Top 10 Photos of the Year........As Always...This is not to Judge Any of the Subjects of the Photos as a Top Participant, but Rather the Photo in and of Itself......Now, Without Further Adieu.....and In No Particular Order.....Here are Your.....TOP 10 Photos of the Year for 2015 !!!!!