Cruise Night's TOP 10 Photos of the Year for 2016......This Year again Surpassed the last. The 2016 Calendar was Loaded all year long. The Old Standards to the 1st Annuals. Getting out to the Shows was Challenging this Year as Cruise Night Trophy increased the Range of Customs we Service. It is at this time that I would Like to Thank ALL of the Hot Rodders , Cruisers and Show Patrons who Support every Club and Organizations Events. Without You...None of this is Possible. Thank You and Let's Keep it Growing in 2017 !!!!...A Special THANK YOU to the Staff Photographers who are the Eyes and Ears for Cruise Night when I cannot Attend. Thank You to David and Debbie Catchings, Lowell Maybrier, Brenda Watters, Bo Gray, Gilbert King and Our Very Own..."On the Spot Passports"....Kevin and Sally Smith of South Carolina. ....Kevin went Above and Beyond the Call of Duty and Attened Shows in Florida and California. He was even Caught in a Picture in the National Publication of Hagerty !!! Cruise Night is Everywhere !!!! A Thank You to ALL who have sent in Fliers, Emails, New Dates, Corrections or have Assisted in ANY way to help make this the Best Cruising Calendar it can be....THANK YOU !!!!...Lastly , Take the Time to Cherish the Cruisers and Family Around You. As we do every Year, We pause to Remember those that left us in 2016. Our time on this Earth is uncertain. Let's make each day the Best it Can Be and Enjoy Every day and Every Cruise..............Now...The Staff and Managment of Cruise Night spent Countless Hours in Deliberation. The Decisions have been made. .....Out of Over 57,000 Pictures....These 10 Have Been Selected......This is not to Judge any of the Subjects of the Photos as aTop Cruisers or Best Vehicle or Equipment....but Rather the Composition of the Photo Itself.......Without Further Adieu...and in No Particular Order.....Here are your TOP 10 Photos of the Year for 2016